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Expert Flyer, by directly contracting with 2 GDS services, has access to exclusive airline information, and offers a unique SeatAlert service as well as fares, seat maps, flight insights, award and upgrade availability for hundreds of airlines worldwide in real time. For example, SeatAlert can tell you once a better seat becomes available, trying to find a better seat until the departure of the flight. Learn what real existing customers are saying about Expert Flyer.


To know if their alert service is right for you, read the reviews below.

Ramsey Qubein shares: "One of the best tools a frequent traveler can have these days is an Expert Flyer membership. Expert Flyer offers access to dozens of airline inventory systems and therefore access to award availability, seat maps and even flight status reports. It's an incredible time saver because it keeps you from having to deal with uninformed reservation agents on the phone as they search through a clunky airline reservation system to find an award inventory. Even if you don't travel frequently, an Expert Flyer subscription can be money well spent if you're looking to take that annual vacation using miles."

Paul shares: "Expert Flyer is a great website for finding out details about not just flights and seats but travel information too. Flight availability's very useful, especially when planning upgrades and even trying to proactively find busy services where chances of an operational upgrade might be higher. Details will show meal options on the flight, time and mileage for the sector. Alerts is probably the best part of ExpertFlyer. Why would I want an alert on a specific booking class for a flight? Well, put simply--revenue management! Just because BA stops selling discounted business tickets on a flight doesn't mean more seats in that class won't be released later. Want to use a GUF (Gold Upgrade Voucher) via a Travel Agent to upgrade from Business to First? You will need A class seats, and again just because they don't exist one day doesn't mean they won't the next."

Ziggy shares: "ExpertFlyer is a website that I've come to love over the past few years, and it has become a tool that I don't think I could do without. As someone who books a lot of flights and loves to snag an upgrade to Business Class, I've lost count of the number of times that ExpertFlyer has helped me out, and the site come to my aid again last week. The site allows users to search upgrade inventory on any viable route you choose and, if award space isn't available on the dates selected, ExpertFlyer allows users to set alerts to keep them informed should that situation change."

Gary Leff shares: "ExpertFlyer is a collection of tools for the frequent flyer, some of which are really unique and that I find absolutely worth paying for. They offer a 5-day free trial, otherwise it's $5 or $10 a month. There's also a free account that allows you to access only seat alerts. The site offers the ability to search for award and upgrade seats on some airlines, plus flight availability, and the ability to set up email alerts for seats to open up or for space in particular booking classes. The site is indispensable for an American or Delta elite flyer. For everyone else, it depends on whether the specific airlines covered for award tickets are useful to you, or especially whether the specific inventory is something you'll want regularly checked and emailed to you. Key to determining ExpertFlyer's usefulness to your specific situation is poking around the site to see whether their anachronistic coverage of particular airlines matches your flying patterns. If it does, it's indispensable."

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    ExpertFlyer - Airlines, Flights, Travel Alerts ExpertFlyer at a Glance Expert Flyer , by directly contracting with 2 GDS services, has ...